December 9, 2014


When two NYPD cops spot me talking to a motorist they were in the process of extorting to meet their monthly quota they begin yelling at me from across the street to "go away" so they can feed on two different motorist at the same time.

The European cop tells me that I am making him nervous by simply speaking and not to make him fear for his safety. In other words he is making the case to use deadly force even though I have absolutely nothing in my hands and pose no threat to either officer what so ever.

Just another day of police terrorism and extortion in New York City !

November 30, 2014

Talking Stop & Frisk and Racism with Gus T. Renegade from The C.O.W.S

Gus T. Renegade from The C.O.W.S (Context of White Supremacy) interviews me about my work here on Youtube exposing police corruption.

I talk about the NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk program and police terrorism among a host of other problems affecting people of color.

This was a very constructive discussion that allowed me to speak on many issues that I often think about but rarely speak aloud.

Special thanks to Gus T. Renegade for inviting me on his radio show which I am a long listener of and was very honored to be on.

For more constructive interviews by Gus T. Renegade click here

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November 20, 2014

NYPD Cops BUSTED ... Another illegal Stop and Frisk !!! 11/19/2014

I bust NYPD cops once again violating the constitutional rights of a man of color while trying to meet their monthly quota and fill corporate owned prison cells with human beings.

NYPD cops are no longer turning on their flashing lights, or displaying their badges while bending their license plates to avoid being identified when they are hunting innocent young black and brown men for profit.

NYPD top brass has claimed Stop & Frisk is down 90%, my many recordings say otherwise. Welcome to the reality of black and brown people living in America.

"This is nothing more than a modern day slave trade !"  - Nycresistance

October 28, 2014

We Don't Tell the Truth about being Black in America !

The only thing that has changed since overt slavery days is that today the racist wear suits and uniforms instead of overalls and sheets !

As long as racist Europeans have access to black and brown people, they will continue to mistreat and murder them at will !

September 11, 2014

White Supremacists tries to insult me after I explain what a False Flag attack is !

Confirmed White Supremacist resorts to name calling after I explain how staged shootings and false flag attacks are used to strip citizens of their freedom and liberty.

Why do Black people kill other Black people ?

Confirmed White Supremacist and Satan worshiper Barko asks me why are Africans killing other Africans as if I didn't know who was really behind all the bloodshed and carnage.

September 4, 2014

What is S&M and why is the Music Industry Pushing it on Black people ?

During a conversation with Louie Bee someone asked a question about S&M (sadomasochism) which I new nothing about.

I later found that this was a sick depraved form of erotic role-playing which was slowly making it's way into black culture through the Jewish controlled music industry.

 Singers like Rihanna and reggae artist such as Alkaline among others are promoting this twisted satanic lifestyle in their music, videos and personal lifestyle which will influence black people to follow this new perverted trend.

July 20, 2014

NYPD Extorting Black Families in Bronx Parks !

2 NYPD cops in a black unmarked car who were driving back and fourth through a Bronx park looking to meet their monthly ticket and arrest quota stop a black man and run his name for warrants.

The man's name comes back clean and so the 2 extortionist must settle for writing a petty open container summonses in hopes that the man will not show up to court at which time there will be a warrant issued for his arrest.

This is done so in the event they murder a black man they can quickly pull up his arrest record and make it seem as if he deserved to die regardless of whether or not the murder was justified.

 Many young men get these ticket and toss them away which is what the NYPD wants, that is why last year over 50% of these summonses were dismissed because they were bogus to begin with.

I truly hope black people come together so another generation does not have to be born into this slavish hell on Earth !

NYPD Cops choke Black man to death for selling a 50 cent Cigarette ! ... Extended Footage

When 2 racist cops from Long Island belonging to the criminal crime syndicate known as the NYPD spot what they believe to be a black man selling a 50 cent cigarette, they decide that this is a crime that is punishable by death.

Until black people realize that they are living in perpetual terror and at any moment they or someone they love can be murdered by racist European criminals who claim to be public servants, this will continue indefinitely.

May 1, 2014

Drunk Killer Cops on the Rise with no Help in Sight !

You are more likely to be Killed by a Drunk Cop than a Terrorist !

Due to the fact that cops are not tested for drugs or alcohol ever, innocent people are being mowed down in the streets or shot to death by them on a regular basis.

If citizens are being encouraged to give up their guns in exchange for police protection, the least the government can do is make sure that a drunk cop is not sent to kill the person or people in need of help.

Drunk cops have become scourge upon society and measures must be taken at once to stop this epidemic before more innocent lives are needlessly taken by these armed drunkards in uniform.

The same laws that apply to citizens must be applied to law enforcement officers before more people are killed and families destroyed !

April 14, 2014

Entertainment is being used as a Weapon of Black Destruction !

So-called African American entertainment has been hi-jacked by the Jewish controlled entertainment industry which has totally perverted it in order to criminalize and demoralize the minds of black people.

All art forms from music to movies now portray black people as ruthless criminals or lazy degenerates with no self respect or dignity. This has been done by design to destroy the morals and public image of black people ahead of an extermination campaign by certain wealthy Europeans.

If there isn't an awakening of black people very soon I fear that this wide spread propaganda campaign to dehumanize African (black) people world wide will be used as justification for our extermination in order to steal the continent of Africa for it's vast resources.

I can understand how bizarre this may sound to some but facts don't lie !

March 31, 2014

Jewish Financed Gangster Rap Music is Psychological Warfare !

Rap music, videos and movies have been completely perverted by the Jewish owned entertainment industry to destroy the minds and image of young African (black) men and boys in order to justify their re-enslavement and future extermination.

All rap music and hip hop must contain violence, criminal activity, explicit language or sexual content to get on the radio and on store shelves in order to corrupt the minds of African ( black ) people and destroy their public image.

If we change the music and imagery from negative to positive then the attitudes and behavior of African people will become positive as well. Entertainment is a large part of a race of people's culture and right now the enemy of African people is in full control of it.

March 25, 2014

Rookie NYPD Prostitutes caught Extorting Cab Drivers in the Bronx !

On this night I come across a gang of roving rookie NYPD prostitutes holding a Bronx neighborhood under siege as they mercilessly look for innocent citizens to relieve of their hard earned money via expensive tickets.

These roving marauders use a traffic intersection as their base of operations as they ambush cab drivers as they come to a stop at a light.

This is clear evidence that the NYPD has absolutely no interest in public safety as they dedicate all of their man power to writing as many tickets as possible in the poorest neighborhood in New York City in order to generate money and increase crime to justify their existance.

It is my expert opinion that this rampant extortion is what is driving up crime in these heavily patrolled neighborhoods that always seem to have the longest criminal and traffic court lines due to the relentless ticketing and abuse of power.

Help me to continue exposing these demonic cretins by sharing my videos and donating if you are financially able. Your tax dollars are already being used against you by the NYPD so it would be in your best interest to make your money work for you by supporting my work today !

March 23, 2014

NYPD Trauma Based Slave Training !

 On this night I came across 4 NYPD cops using terror tactics to instill fear in 2 young black men in the Bronx. Two of these terrorist were not displaying badges as they threatened the young men with violence and arrest if they did not obey their commands and illegal orders.

This trauma based slave training takes place each and everyday to innocent young black men in New York City in order to subjugate them and condition them to be obedient docile slaves.

Please help me to continue exposing these racist criminals by sharing my videos with  family and friends as well as donating to the cause if possible. Your help and support is much needed and appreciated as we go up against the well funded and organized racist criminal crime syndicate known as the NYPD.

March 17, 2014

You want to know where the Crime is coming from ?

NYPD continues to drive struggling citizens into either poverty or a live of crime through rampant ticket extortion and racial profiling in the name of keeping people safe !

March 9, 2014

NYPD Extortion is driving Black people into a Life of Crime !

 Rookie NYPD cops are flooding black neighborhoods and writing tickets in mass to meet their illegal quotas while forcing their victims into homelessness or a life of crime. All this is being done to black men as the cops laugh and smile at the misery they are inflicting through this economic warfare !

I want black men and boys to know that you are being targeting for extermination within this predatory system of white supremacy. No matter how hard you try to succeed in this racist society it will always be an up hill battle because it is designed to be that way.

Everything from your education to entertainment has been manufactured to condition your mind for prison or death. You are the most hated and feared race on the planet ... courtesy of your arch enemy the racist Europeans !

The video and the facts don't lie so don't let anyone tell you this isn't about race because it is all about race !

February 1, 2014

Wake Up and Unite against NYPD Racism and Corruption !

It's time for black people to wake up and realize that no politician is going to save us from the racism and corruption we endure everyday at the hands of racist NYPD cops.

 We have no future living under a racist system that targets people solely for the color of their skin in order to fill prisons and generate money.

 It is imperative that black people unite so we can forge a future for ourselves and children free from the brutality and oppression of these ruthless creatures that hate us every bit as much as their murderous ancestors.

 No matter what any politician tells you, just know that they have no intention of allowing black people to live a peaceful and prosperous life. It is up to us to secure or own freedom and liberation ... by any means necessary !

January 18, 2014

White NYPD Cops Rejoice after Beating up Black teens after botched Stop and Frisk !

After a botched stop and frisk two pint sized cops decide to exact there revenge for years of high school bullying on an unsuspecting teen that wasn't ready to submit to the wills of these NYPD hobbits !

The NYPD is composed mainly of the children of racist Ku Klux Klan members that descend on minority neighborhoods to hunt black men for extermination. After 6 years of documenting these devils I have concluded that these deceptive demons have picked up where there murderous ancestors left off and continue to be the black man's natural enemy !

Make sure you share this video and donate so when these cretins finally catch up with me my family doesn't have to be burdened with burial expenses.