February 1, 2014

Wake Up and Unite against NYPD Racism and Corruption !

It's time for black people to wake up and realize that no politician is going to save us from the racism and corruption we endure everyday at the hands of racist NYPD cops.

 We have no future living under a racist system that targets people solely for the color of their skin in order to fill prisons and generate money.

 It is imperative that black people unite so we can forge a future for ourselves and children free from the brutality and oppression of these ruthless creatures that hate us every bit as much as their murderous ancestors.

 No matter what any politician tells you, just know that they have no intention of allowing black people to live a peaceful and prosperous life. It is up to us to secure or own freedom and liberation ... by any means necessary !

1 comment:

sarah said...

I really appreciate your videos. I'm from south Sudan, so I know exactly how you feel.