July 24, 2013

NYPD Legalized Extortion !

Today I come across 3 NYPD cops that had just been dropped off by a roving police van who immediately approach a black man trying to make an arrest. When no warrant  comes back they settle for a summons which could lead to a warrant for his arrest if he does not show up to court to pay the ransom.

Just another day being black in America !

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Why don't you Black people care about what the Police are doing to you ?

The time for sitting on the sidelines and watching is over ! Everyone who is outraged by the videos I have been posting over the years must now take action by sharing this information on every social media website at your disposal .

It is also very important that you take it upon yourself to donate to my dedicated efforts because unlike the racist crime syndicate know as the NYPD which uses your own tax dollars against you by continually finding more efficient ways to ticket, arrest and cycle innocent people through a corrupt court system.

I will use your money to continue my work of exposing these criminals for what they are so you can protect yourself and family from extortion, kidnapping and terrorism which the NYPD exacts upon black people daily. I can no longer allow my progress to be hindered by the lack of support and funding so I am turning to you for your support. 

Absolutely no donation is too small so donate now so I might unleash my full potential on these demonic and deceptive creatures !


July 16, 2013

An Inventor, a Hydrogen hybrid car and a Racist Police Department !

 4 years ago I was working on a system to convert any vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid to help people save money on gasoline. I had hopes of one day eliminating the need for oil all together to provide free energy for everyone on the planet.

 But after getting stopped, searched and horribly mistreated by dozens of NYPD cops I came to the conclusion that exposing this fraud was far more important to the lives of those whose lives would surely be destroyed by these physically and psychologically destructive encounters.

 And that is how the NYCResistance channel came to be !