March 25, 2014

Rookie NYPD Prostitutes caught Extorting Cab Drivers in the Bronx !

On this night I come across a gang of roving rookie NYPD prostitutes holding a Bronx neighborhood under siege as they mercilessly look for innocent citizens to relieve of their hard earned money via expensive tickets.

These roving marauders use a traffic intersection as their base of operations as they ambush cab drivers as they come to a stop at a light.

This is clear evidence that the NYPD has absolutely no interest in public safety as they dedicate all of their man power to writing as many tickets as possible in the poorest neighborhood in New York City in order to generate money and increase crime to justify their existance.

It is my expert opinion that this rampant extortion is what is driving up crime in these heavily patrolled neighborhoods that always seem to have the longest criminal and traffic court lines due to the relentless ticketing and abuse of power.

Help me to continue exposing these demonic cretins by sharing my videos and donating if you are financially able. Your tax dollars are already being used against you by the NYPD so it would be in your best interest to make your money work for you by supporting my work today !


Louie said...

You like to have your cameras rolling whenever you see cops around, funny how they were not rolling when two Brooklyn officers ran into a burning building without any regard for there own life. Must have been an all white tenant bulding or is it possible it contained some blacks and Latinos in it too. So the male officer died today but if we leave it to you he died for nothing. A racist uniformed thug as you've called them. Since his name sounds Latino then it only stands to reason that he was then put there by the white supervisor to play the I'm your brother you can trust me" role. So perhaps the opposite is true that maybe he and his partner, (also Latino) ran in there for there brothers and sisters. Could there have been white tenants in there? Yes there are. So where were your video of that? I'm not like some people who leave negative and disgusting comments, insulting you or cursing you out. That's not gonna get anyone anywhere. This is to simply remind you that not all cops including whites are racist. Do they exists? Yes otherwise it would be a lie to say they didn't. But why is it you always wanna find cops that you say are doing something wrong? Why can't you ever have footage where your own words praise their actions without the slightest bit of sarcasm? I'll tell you now that I'm a cop and I've been proud to be one for 18 years. Another thing, I'm in New York City but I'm not with the NYPD or NY state troopers. I'm not here to defend all cops, as a citizen of this state and this country I can tell you I despise those who would truly hid behind the shield and knowing and with purpose violate anyone's right to freely walk upon this land where ever they want. To be a coward with a badge and hit shove kick or punch in any way a prisoner that is already cuffed. But please don't twist that to mean I condone it before they get cuffed, cause I don't. I have responded to calls involving blacks and Latino but also whites whose actions required officers to subdue him, yes there was at least 4 officers and you may think that's a lot and yes it would be if we were looking to have a fight with him but we are there to get him to stop his behavior not to fight him. So yes 4 of us taken him to the ground, that being the fastest way to immobilize anyone, otherwise the longer you dance around with him the more risk you have of getting hurt of killed or the individual getting hurt. So a takedown is quick is effective to achieve the goal of minimal injury by "holding" the person in place who is being violent and cuffing them. We are trained that once cuffs are one and if the person stops all violent manner then officers back away . I applaud you for filming but why from afar where your safe? Many videos on the YouTube show many with cameras right there where the officer can see them. When confronted by the officer the person simply says it's not against the law and as a public servant I can film you. As a law enforcement officer I welcome filming cause there should be nothing to hide when performing your duties. I respect that person more cause he has the guts to do it infront of me then someone who sneaks around hiding in a car making up his own commentary and not getting any of the actual audio of the situation. You can still have your comments but let the people viewing see and hear for themselves. I leave you with thiis, I'm Latino, and as a Latino American I wanna know what our police are doing but I ask that you film fairly and without bias. Let the chips fall where they may. If I have written anything that has offended you then I am truly sorry for this was never my intention. Most of your negative writers to you probably wanna say things and never give you their contact info. But for a fair and balance debate of any issue, one must present an avenue of communication so if you wish you may contact me at thank you.

Kory Johnson said...

Louie, cops do more bad than they do good. You are just siting random case where cops show a little humanity. But, for the most part, cops are brutal, savage, and habitual liars. So please, get out of here with your buffoon comments, and let NYC Resistance expose these criminal cops for what they are -- criminals with badges.

Keep up the good work, NYC Resistance!

Anonymous said...

Do it in the open so that they can turn into law abiding cops when you show up with your camera an then they start running your tags to find out where you live an stage a break in a destroy all of you gear to put you out off commision an then stalk you to give you tickets to hurt you financially, I think NycResistance is smart enough to fall for that setup! It's funny how the so called good cops never turn the bad cops in its always a video that catches them a brings upon a slap on the wrist for that cops bad behavior, so in my eyes their aren't any good cops, just ringleaders an followers, please dont stop what you doing and how your doing it NycR because people are catching on!