February 16, 2013

The Price we Pay for Police Protection !

On this night I come across NYPD cops from the 44th precinct in the Bronx stopping cars feverishly looking to make arrest and write tickets. A quick glance at the calender and I quickly realize it is the end of the month which explains why the police are in a wild frenzy stopping motorist in order to meet their illegal quotas.

New York city has the strictest gun laws in the nation which infringe on the people's 2nd amendment right leaving them defendant on the NYPD for protection from criminals which don't obey any laws. In exchange for police protection citizens must look the other way as the unspoken undesirables of society (namely minorities and the poor) are fed on by the police which transform them into revenue by means of arrest and rampant ticketing.

Let this be a warning to the rest of the nation, when you are told in not so many words that you are to stupid and incompetent to defend yourself and family and that you should relinquish your god given right to self defense to save children, you can expect to be preyed upon by the very people that offered you safety and security which will come in the form of exploitation, subjugation and ultimately your extermination.

Please do not make the mistake of seeing yourselves as special or better because you are of another race, for racial discrimination is a tool of division used to get your consent so evil can fester and grow strong enough to consume you as well.

God bless you and hold on to the Constitution, it was written and forged in the spirit of freedom to protect you from those that don't want you to be free.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)