October 27, 2011

NYPD now taking your photo for their Pre-Crime database !

An NYPD officer steps behind his unmarked car to takes pictures of a motorist's license while his partners distract the motorist with conversation. NYPD has gone from writing down the information of the people they stop, to now taking photos with their smart-phones to add your picture to their pr-crime criminal database.

This is the first time I have ever seen an NYPD cop take a photo of a person license and this come just after a story came out on a biometrics iPhone scanner called (MORIS) to help with border control and so-called terrorism.
Moris is a Hand held Iris, Fingerprint, and Facial iPhone Recognition System that uses an iPhone to take a persons picture so it can stored or cross reference in their criminal data base using bio-metrics software.

I am personally sick and tired of the NYPD storing the personal information of innocent people and now they are taking street side mug shots to criminalize everyone they stop. It is clear in this video that the one officer walks behind the car so the motorist can not see him taking pictures of his license and paper work.

The NYPD is engaging in pure trickery and can't be trusted as each day wire taps land more and more corrupt cops behind bars as they use their badges to commit crimes while locking up and cataloging the innocent. Is this the real reason why the city is always broke and has no money for schools, fire departments or health clinics ?

Is it because all the money is being diverted to hi-tech ways to record, catalog and track the
population as if we are all terrorist from the staged 9-11 attack on our freedom?

We must stop NYPD which is the most highly funded police department in America from violating our Constitutional rights for the sole purpose of one day adding us to the corporate owned prison population where people are transformed into 3rd world slaves that work for next to nothing in prison factories.

What you have just witnessed in this video is illegal and a violation of this motorist 4th amendment, that is why NYPD has never publicly announced that they are now taking your picture when they stop you.

Stand up to this technological tyranny as the police department tries to incarcerate the entire population after the government allowed jobs to be sent over seas and gave away tax payer money to banks, failed green companies and has invested in billion dollar population surveillance programs.

October 25, 2011

8 NYPD cops ... 1 Loud Muffler !!!

A car with 3 young males is stopped by an NYPD van for playing loud music and having a loud muffler system. The 3 men that happen to be black are surrounded by 8 NYPD police officers as if they had just robbed a bank
at gun point and back up was needed to apprehend them.

During this traffic stop, one of the officers opens the door to the motorist's vehicle as if he could not talk to the motorist through the open window, his true intention was to open door and hopefully see something that might lead to an arrest. This is a everyday occurrence in the Bronx which has the highest
rate of unemployment and poverty in New York City due to it's high minority makeup.

As a result, most of the populace living below the poverty level are continuously preyed upon by the NYPD which relentlessly stop people for any excuse they can think of in hopes of arresting that person and adding them to the ever growing prison population. The poorest people of New York are not protected but hunted down and every possible avenue taken to make an arrest which goes towards the officers monthly quota which insures him or her favorable assignments, sick days, vacations and perhaps after enough arrest and summons....a promotion.

This is all done off the backs of the unfortunate and struggling people of New York which are not eligible for protection, only exploitation and oppression. Bare witness to modern day slavery, how those who can not afford legal defense are hunted down under the cover of darkness to join the booming inmate population where they work for pennies a day. This takes jobs away from those who have went to college or trade school and are still in dept for the education they received.

It is nothing less than terrorism when the people that are supposedly here to protect you go out of their way to fabricating stories and make up any way possible to arrest and incarcerate you. One NYPD cop called the act of arresting innocent black people " frying Niggers " The NYPD is nothing more than a highly funded, well organized gang that does whatever they want and will break any law to achieve their agenda which is the incarceration of the poor and all unpopular races and religions that have been demonized in America and throughout the western world.

It is a huge mistake to allow the NYPD to have a monopoly over the protection of the New York City as they use this false guise to gain the trust of the masses while secretly hunting innocent people to secure their own jobs and aid the corporations and investors that profit from the incarceration of
human beings. Take the money and profit out of incarceration and the prison industry will fall apart over night.

Let's put an end to this covert modern day slavery cloaked in the name of safety and security. The guns come from the ATF and the drugs come from the CIA and we the people are filling jails while the demons that orchestrate this pure evil engorge themselves in our misery and money. May God give the people the eyes to recognize truth when they hear it and see it and know that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering a living hell under this NYPD protection hoax.

October 21, 2011

Stop and Frisk protesters arrested in Harlem.

Protesters marched in Harlem against NYPD's stop and frisk program that has stopped close to 700,000 people this year alone. NYPD arrested some of the protesters which refused to be silenced in this police practice which for the most part targets Blacks, Latinos and the poor.

The protesters where from all races and symbolized the unity of the human race in the face of tyranny and oppression, something the corrupt members of NYPD hate to see as they like the population divided so they can step in as the saviors and make arrest and write summons.

NYPD has been exposed for the criminal organization that it is which targets citizens and even their own officers by forcing them to harass the very people they are sworn to protect and serve. It is my hope and wish that a full Federal investigation is lunched and the top brass along with Raymond Kelly are brought to justice for crimes against hundreds of thousands of innocent New Yorkers.

NYPD officers plead guilty to prison FIGHT CLUB extortion scheme.

3 NYPD corrections officers that worked at the adolescent jail on Rikers Island plead guilty to ordering the beaten of Christopher Robinson when he refused to pay the extortion money. They ran an intimidation extortion scheme they dubbed "The Program" which had inmates living in fear of violence if they didn't pay up while they were incarcerated.

When Christopher refused to pay the extortion money to Officer Michael McKie " aka "Mack" and Officer Khalid Nelson aka "Net" the guards ordered other inmates to beat him up which ultimately killed him. The officers plead guilty the day they were supposed to go to trial and are only expected to serve only 1 to 2 years for murdered.

Christopher Robinson was only in jail for a minor probation violation and it cost him his life at the hands of greedy and evil NYPD officers that were supposed to be there to keep order in the prison. This is the result of them hunting young New Yorkers on a daily basis and arresting people for non-violent crimes.

Inmates end up getting threatened and extorted at the hands of power hungry control freaks that abuse their authority to exploit the weak and vulnerable. We have got to put a stop to the stop and frisk program that seeks to put minority men into fight club situations that can cost them there lives as in the case of Christopher Robinson.

October 20, 2011

NYPD cop gets away with raping woman in her Manhattan apartment.

On the seventh day of deliberations, jurors found Moreno and Mata not guilty of raping a 27-year-old woman inside her East Village apartment.

However, the officers were found guilty of the much lesser charges of official misconduct. They are scheduled to be sentenced June 29 and could face up to two years in prison, though they might only get probation.

During the trial, Moreno and Mata testified they broke Police Department guidelines by not telling their bosses they were going back to the woman's apartment. Moreno even said he made a fake 911 call so a dispatcher would send him to the building.

In a statement, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Junior said, in part, "We respect the jury's verdict, which acknowledges that the defendants' actions that night not only violated the law, they violated the victim's rights, and the public's trust."

October 18, 2011

NYPD COP : " I fried another NIGGER "

Federal prosecutors have accused a New York City police officer of falsely arresting a black man based on race.

A criminal complaint unsealed Monday in Brooklyn alleges that Michael Daragjati stopped and frisked the man in April on Staten Island without proper cause.

The complaint says that when the man complained, the officer arrested him and filed a false report saying he had resisted arrest.

October 1, 2011

NYPD BUST man's Head wide open !!! ... They call it Good police work.

On the heels of mass protest in Manhattan over police brutality, I come across a group of NYPD cops flinging a man around like a rag doll splitting his head wide open ..... Full story below

After hearing some commotion from across the street I looked over to see a NYPD cop flinging a man around on the sidewalk. As I approached with my camera phone in hand, I moved through a small crowd of onlookers to find a group of cops piled on top of the man they had just forcefully taken down to the ground.

As they begin to lift the man up off the sidewalk a female officer yells at the crowd to move "this is not a show". The officer than began to curse profanity at the people in front of their children as the crowd reacted to blood pouring from the man's head.

The female officer spoke to adults and children as if she were speaking to prison inmates even though no one was interfering with the arrest. I asked one woman what had happened being that I didn't see the initially confrontation and she told me the man was approached by police and when he asked them what happened they flung him into a wall.

Another woman asked me shortly after if I recorded the incident and I told her yes, I than asked her what had happened and she said the police asked the man to move, and when he didn't move immediately he was assaulted by the police. Everyone I had spoke to told me the same thing, that the man had did nothing to warrant the attack.

In conclusion, even though all witness I spoke with said the man did nothing to get his head cracked opened, all the police have to say is they felt threatened or he tried to attack them and they will face no charges.

Welcome to America, the land of the slaves.