April 14, 2014

Entertainment is being used as a Weapon of Black Destruction !

So-called African American entertainment has been hi-jacked by the Jewish controlled entertainment industry which has totally perverted it in order to criminalize and demoralize the minds of black people.

All art forms from music to movies now portray black people as ruthless criminals or lazy degenerates with no self respect or dignity. This has been done by design to destroy the morals and public image of black people ahead of an extermination campaign by certain wealthy Europeans.

If there isn't an awakening of black people very soon I fear that this wide spread propaganda campaign to dehumanize African (black) people world wide will be used as justification for our extermination in order to steal the continent of Africa for it's vast resources.

I can understand how bizarre this may sound to some but facts don't lie !

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Anonymous said...

Blame it on the white man. hahahahaha. No wonder you are so angry. You live in NY. I have been there and the one thing I noticed is there are many angry rude people living there. I was just a tourist, visiting all the sites and learning the history of the city, buildings, and monuments. But The one thing I tell people when I talk of my visit to NYC is people there are grumpy and rude. I would never live there. See we have a choice in this modern life. I choose to live around peaceful friendly people. Why would anyone want to live somewhere where they feel hated? I'm in a part of Las Vegas where most people are friendly. I can relate to friendly people. I don't understand angry people like you. Why waste your energy on being so mad. Or is it just a front, a facade, so you can collect your donations. If it is real hate you spew, then I will never believe you have a double degree in Engineering earned at a reputable or actual school. You must only look for hate in people. But then again if you give off so much hate, then this is what will be drawn to you. Hate surrounds itself with hate. Hate attracts hate. I'm sure you were raised in hate and envy. You are envious of happy people. I admit I'm not the happiest person on the planet and I have many faults. But you take away some of my depression, knowing that I don't have it so bad afterall. Because I would NEVER want to be someone like you so filled with hate, surrounding yourself with hate, living hate, writing hate, consumed in Hate. You make me feel lucky.