November 30, 2011

Vanguard : NYPD Stop & Frisk ... Ft. Nycresistance

In this scene from "The War on Weed," correspondent Christof Putzel hits the streets of New York City with NYC Resistance, an underground videographer who films some of the 600,000 "stop and frisk" searches performed by the NYPD each year. Ninety percent of those who are stopped are black and Latino, and while across the country in Seattle many are allowed to openly smoke marijuana, in New York there are far harsher consequences -- and questionable tactics being used by authorities.

November 27, 2011

Nycresistance Outro - Made with Sony Vegas Pro 11 & New Blue Titler Pro

Just a little something I put together with Sony Vegas Pro 11 and the NewBlue titler Pro. Also used some plug-ins from BCC. Sony has made a very easy to use yet powerful video editing software and I just wanted to share my little creation with you guys.

Once again, thank you for your support and take care. Nycresistance

November 11, 2011

NYCLU And NYPD Confidential Blogger Sue NYPD For Ray Kelly's Schedule

The NYCLU along with an investigative journalist are suing the NYPD for failing to release Commissioner Ray Kelly's daily schedule. Len Levitt, a former Newsday reporter and author of the blog NYPD Confidential, filed a FOIA request in February asking for Kelly's schedule dating back to 2002, so that he could determine who he's met with since. The NYPD denied the request twice, and cited that to do so "would endanger both the commissioner and the people with whom he had met."

NYCLU Director Donna Lieberman said in a statement, “There is no good reason for Commissioner Kelly to withhold this information from the public. Even President Obama’s public schedule appears every day on the White House’s website." Levitt, who has been identified by Kelly himself as "the only reporter in New York with balls," says, “In all the decades that I’ve been covering the NYPD, there has never been less transparency than there is today. Nobody knows what the Police Department is doing."

Levitt's initial request was spurred by a column that revealed that Kelly lunched with prominent New Yorkers at the Harvard Club, spending more than $15,000 there in 2008, "the year he was seriously considering running for mayor." Kelly didn't have to pay his Harvard Club dues, as they were being picked up by the NYC Police Foundation.

Previously, Levitt had

November 4, 2011

NYPD Nazi Checkpoint

On this night I get stopped by a group of NYPD officers and their handler in a makeshift checkpoint set up to generate ticket revenue, capture slaves for the prison industry and record the information of the innocent unsuspecting motorist that drive down this public street. In this decade of staged terrorism and the erosion of the people's Constitutional rights, the police do what ever they like in the name of safety which almost always lands someone in jail for reasons other than terrorism.

This terror hoax is the biggest deception a government has ever perpetrated on a people in the history of the world. Trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent waging wars on so-called terrorism which is actual an agenda for global conquest by the Ruling Elite that control the money system and the puppet governments that they place into power. As these Satan worshiping demons destroy and destabilize every country that oppose their New World Order, they leave innocent men, woman and children dead or dying in the rubble that was once their homes, towns and villages..

The time has come humanity to fight against the enemies of humanity and peace so that their children can inherit a planet free from misery, worry and suffering. We can no longer ignore the fact that with each passing day we are less free than the day before. We are all under the heel of governments that uses terror and fear to impose their wicked rule upon us all. The entertainment we are bombarded with to distract us from the real world must be ignore, only than will you see the prison they are constructing around you.

America is becoming a destitute country with no relief insight, just lies on top of lies promising change as laws limit our every action. If we do not act now we and our children are doomed to a life that comparable to any civilization extinct today.We must all put are selfishness and fears to the side and do what must be done so the spark which is freedom can continue to shine for generations to come. We are all in grave danger, and the enemy of peace and freedom are well spoken, well dressed and well organized demons that have been posing as our protectors and saviors as they destroy the very essence of life.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-