March 31, 2014

Jewish Financed Gangster Rap Music is Psychological Warfare !

Rap music, videos and movies have been completely perverted by the Jewish owned entertainment industry to destroy the minds and image of young African (black) men and boys in order to justify their re-enslavement and future extermination.

All rap music and hip hop must contain violence, criminal activity, explicit language or sexual content to get on the radio and on store shelves in order to corrupt the minds of African ( black ) people and destroy their public image.

If we change the music and imagery from negative to positive then the attitudes and behavior of African people will become positive as well. Entertainment is a large part of a race of people's culture and right now the enemy of African people is in full control of it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you like this article it is about a theory of Information Warfare (probably made by Caucasians), it basically talks about what you are talking in more abstract terms and from a "big picture" perspective.

Farris said...

This information is true. Based on the theory that music was changed in the mid 1900's from a God frequency to a more demonic controlling frequency(and this was used by the Rockerfellas to start ww2)Frequency 440 was used. The frequency now is too push and influence the Kill mentality as it becomes a part of the listeners DNA. Good music or music that either brought awareness or a having fun influence was not neccersary because investors in the music industry also was privot investors of prisons in the U.S. Now when I said music change from a good frequency did not mean that people could create positive music. But these investors made sure the head of record labels would control who music got played. And the pupets(Black on labels get their small peace of the pie as long as the lure in those who admire them, just as you said in your video. You can email me at Thanks for that video