August 31, 2011

NYPD Protection Deception ... Rookie cops on the prowl : 1 of 3

2 rookie cops ambush motorist at a traffic light looking for reasons to write tickets and make arrest. This is what the NYPD trains it's officers to do if they want to advance through the ranks. They tax poor and middle class neighborhoods with tickets and summons blitzes instead of protecting and serving like they claim they are there to do.

The NYPD is a big hoax, a brutal gang of deceptive liars that have taken tax payers money and built a police state around them. Watching these 2 officers in action really showed me what the NYPD is all about, how they take men and woman and turn them into predators that prey on the unsuspecting public ... true wolves in sheep's clothing.

The only thing these 2 cops want is a squad car and a pay raise and they will destroy as many lives as they have too in order to get it. These are modern day pirates that use a slew of bogus laws to extract money from a jobless struggling population.

This is Brutal ruthlessness cloaked beneath the false guise of safety, security and protection. This is what befalls any society that gives up their privacy, independance and common sense to a system that takes everything and gives nothing back but death, destruction and servitude.

The NYPD is a business, police are here to protect corporate interest and generate money for the corrupt justice system. Their true purpose is to bring in fresh slaves for the corporate owned prison industry so they can compete with China and pay 3rd world wages to inmates. This is why America has the largest prison population in the world, because prisoners have no rights and can easily be transformed into slave labor.

America's citizens are hunted on a daily basis in a society that preys on anyone that is not rich, working for the government or part of the Global establishment or elite.

Wake up people, the real terrorist are the one's that don't want you to protect yourselves, they want you all kept in a state of fear and terror so they can control you all and herd you into a scientific dictatorship where you will be totally dependent on them to survive.

Thank you for your viewership and support my friends. I am eagerly trying to further my work and do even more to change this reality of deception and corruption that we are all being forced to accept is for our own good.

Donations are appreciated.

NYPD Protection Deception ... 2 Men arrested for 1 pocket Knife : 2 of 3

2 NYPD Rookie cops ambush a motorist at a red light on the corner of White Plains and Boston Road in the Bronx and than arrest both the driver and passenger for one small pocket knife. To add insult to injury another 2 rookie cops show up and look to meet their quotas by writing tickets for window tinted windows. With all the money that NYPD generates with tickets and arrest, Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to close down fire houses and schools and every other facility and center the the poor and middle class depend on to survive.

The NYPD are no different than the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler as they are ordered to arrest and ticket at will or there will be HELL to pay. The police are always hostile towards the public they claim to be protecting and serving just like the so-called police that served past tyrants and dictators.

It is all about money and enslaving the population, we are all under attacked by the highest funding police department in America that is using every form of intelligence, legislation and technology to arrest and incarcerate the American people.

Wake up my friends, if we don't put a stop to this protection hoax now ... all of our children will be born into bondage believing it to be Patriotism and Freedom.

NYPD Protection Deception ... Rookie cops get Patrol Car for meeting summons quota : 3 of 3

2 NYPD rookie cops that have been plaguing my Bronx community with mass ticket writing, Constitutional rights violations and arrest are given a patrol car by their superiors for a job well done. In a borough known for mass poverty and joblessness, these 2 cops had no problem sinking people more into dept by handing them high priced summons or carting them off to jail.

It should be clear to anyone with common sense that the police are not here to keep the defenseless safe but to exploit and extort the struggling population in a crumbling economy and wait for citizens to give into crime to survive. These 2 cops have got to be the lowest of the low as I have never seen such total disregard for people's rights as I have witness at the hands of these 2 NYPD rookie cops.

This video gives credence to the testimonies of police officers Adil Polanco and Adrian Schoolcraft who recorded their superiors pressuring them to write tickets and make arrest if they wanted to keep their jobs and be in good standing. The NYPD are preying on an unarmed population and in this video I catch these 2 cops fabricating a story about smelling weed to violate this man's 4th amendment right that protects him against illegal search and seizure.

The police are almost totally corrupt and only care about themselves . They are robbing, raping and abusing the public for profit and thrills while society is being made to accept servitude and misery as freedom and liberty.

Wake up New York and America, we are living in dangerous times and it is the so-called goods guys that you have to be worried about.

August 16, 2011

Ever wonder why they call cops pigs ?

Crooked NYPD cops from Long Island stop a motorist and search him and every square inch of his vehicle looking for a reason to turn him into a modern day slave. Each day I watch as the police violate the 4th amendment of every poor and middle class citizens they come across in hopes of making an arrest.

If the police obeyed the law and the Constitution they would make far less arrest which means the prison industry would have empty cells which is not good for their bottom line. This is all about converting people into slaves where they work for corporations owned factories that are built right prisons such as Unicor that pays inmates less than a dollar a hour to do work that would normally pay $20.00 a hour plus benefits to a person that is not incarcerated .

You are witnessing how modern day slavery is carried out under the false guise of safety and security. The police have one purpose and one purpose only here in New York, and that is to enslave the population in debt and servitude in the name of the law.

The government has allowed corporations to move their business's over seas along with all the jobs while our troops are in Afghanistan guarding and growing the opium that is being flown into the U.S. making addicts and drug dealer out of desperate Americans struggling to survive.

Wake up before you find yourself having to prove to a group of cops from Long Island that your car really is your car.

August 11, 2011

Concrete Mattress ... The cozy sidewalks of New York Ft. Alicia Keys/ Nycresistance

This is the real New York, no bright lights or opportunity for those struggling to survive on the streets. I do not judge prosperity by those among us that are doing well but those among us that are struggling to exist. We must all realize that hard times can fall on anyone of us at anytime. We would not want to be judged by others when we are down, so why judge others.

Sometimes you may try your very best but nothing seems to work and you begin to feel like you are just unlucky or doomed to's not you. The system we live under is designed to divide and destroy us incrementally until only a few are left with everything.

Let's wake up to this vain and selfish way of life we have been programmed to accept and get back to the days when we cared about one another. If one of us has fallen, it is our duty to help them up and put them back on their feet so they can help another. Materialism and greed never make a person happy, helping each other and loving each other makes you feel great... and most importantly human.

We are all special and we all have something to offer humanity. Never let anyone tell you you can't doing anything, they are your enemy. You have all the power you will ever want or need at this very moment.. don't hesitate to use it.

Humanity needs your contribution right now because things are getting worse with each day. You may not be rich or maybe you are, but only the contributions you make to humanity in life will be remembered forever.

Unlock you potential now and don't let anything stop you from being the ultimate you, a you with no restrictions or boundaries . Do your part because we are all in this together and need each others support and love. Nycresistance "Humanity Forever"

August 8, 2011

Stiga - A Yale Law School documentry about Stop & Frisk

Stigma: Stop and Frisk in New York City from Yale Visual Law Project on Vimeo.

Synopsis The law permits police officers to stop and frisk people based on “reasonable suspicion.” Do “Stop and Frisk” police practices cause racial profiling, or deter crime? “Stigma” explores the dynamic between the community and the police through the eyes of three people who grew up on the streets of New York City.