November 20, 2014

NYPD Cops BUSTED ... Another illegal Stop and Frisk !!! 11/19/2014

I bust NYPD cops once again violating the constitutional rights of a man of color while trying to meet their monthly quota and fill corporate owned prison cells with human beings.

NYPD cops are no longer turning on their flashing lights, or displaying their badges while bending their license plates to avoid being identified when they are hunting innocent young black and brown men for profit.

NYPD top brass has claimed Stop & Frisk is down 90%, my many recordings say otherwise. Welcome to the reality of black and brown people living in America.

"This is nothing more than a modern day slave trade !"  - Nycresistance

November 19, 2014

Live ShowTonight @ 7pm with guest Khalik Allah creator of the film Field Niggas !

 The Nycresistance Live Radio Show welcomes photographer and film maker Khalik Allah the creator of the film Field Niggas.

October 28, 2014

We Don't Tell the Truth about being Black in America !

The only thing that has changed since overt slavery days is that today the racist wear suits and uniforms instead of overalls and sheets !

As long as racist Europeans have access to black and brown people, they will continue to mistreat and murder them at will !

September 21, 2014

Nycresistance Radio Show

The Nycresistance radio show is under construction, soon listeners will be able to call in or text questions directly to me or my quest to be answered during the live show. 

Please consider making a small donation which will go towards the purchase of a mixer, dynamic microphones, call in number and other equipment for the best  broadcast quality possible.

 Thank you for your contribution and support !

September 11, 2014

White Supremacists tries to insult me after I explain what a False Flag attack is !

Confirmed White Supremacist resorts to name calling after I explain how staged shootings and false flag attacks are used to strip citizens of their freedom and liberty.

Why do Black people kill other Black people ?

Confirmed White Supremacist and Satan worshiper Barko asks me why are Africans killing other Africans as if I didn't know who was really behind all the bloodshed and carnage.

September 4, 2014

What is S&M and why is the Music Industry Pushing it on Black people ?

During a conversation with Louie Bee someone asked a question about S&M (sadomasochism) which I new nothing about.

I later found that this was a sick depraved form of erotic role-playing which was slowly making it's way into black culture through the Jewish controlled music industry.

 Singers like Rihanna and reggae artist such as Alkaline among others are promoting this twisted satanic lifestyle in their music, videos and personal lifestyle which will influence black people to follow this new perverted trend.