March 9, 2014

NYPD Extortion is driving Black people into a Life of Crime !

 Rookie NYPD cops are flooding black neighborhoods and writing tickets in mass to meet their illegal quotas while forcing their victims into homelessness or a life of crime. All this is being done to black men as the cops laugh and smile at the misery they are inflicting through this economic warfare !

I want black men and boys to know that you are being targeting for extermination within this predatory system of white supremacy. No matter how hard you try to succeed in this racist society it will always be an up hill battle because it is designed to be that way.

Everything from your education to entertainment has been manufactured to condition your mind for prison or death. You are the most hated and feared race on the planet ... courtesy of your arch enemy the racist Europeans !

The video and the facts don't lie so don't let anyone tell you this isn't about race because it is all about race !

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