October 21, 2011

NYPD officers plead guilty to prison FIGHT CLUB extortion scheme.

3 NYPD corrections officers that worked at the adolescent jail on Rikers Island plead guilty to ordering the beaten of Christopher Robinson when he refused to pay the extortion money. They ran an intimidation extortion scheme they dubbed "The Program" which had inmates living in fear of violence if they didn't pay up while they were incarcerated.

When Christopher refused to pay the extortion money to Officer Michael McKie " aka "Mack" and Officer Khalid Nelson aka "Net" the guards ordered other inmates to beat him up which ultimately killed him. The officers plead guilty the day they were supposed to go to trial and are only expected to serve only 1 to 2 years for murdered.

Christopher Robinson was only in jail for a minor probation violation and it cost him his life at the hands of greedy and evil NYPD officers that were supposed to be there to keep order in the prison. This is the result of them hunting young New Yorkers on a daily basis and arresting people for non-violent crimes.

Inmates end up getting threatened and extorted at the hands of power hungry control freaks that abuse their authority to exploit the weak and vulnerable. We have got to put a stop to the stop and frisk program that seeks to put minority men into fight club situations that can cost them there lives as in the case of Christopher Robinson.

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