October 27, 2011

NYPD now taking your photo for their Pre-Crime database !

An NYPD officer steps behind his unmarked car to takes pictures of a motorist's license while his partners distract the motorist with conversation. NYPD has gone from writing down the information of the people they stop, to now taking photos with their smart-phones to add your picture to their pr-crime criminal database.

This is the first time I have ever seen an NYPD cop take a photo of a person license and this come just after a story came out on a biometrics iPhone scanner called (MORIS) to help with border control and so-called terrorism.
Moris is a Hand held Iris, Fingerprint, and Facial iPhone Recognition System that uses an iPhone to take a persons picture so it can stored or cross reference in their criminal data base using bio-metrics software.

I am personally sick and tired of the NYPD storing the personal information of innocent people and now they are taking street side mug shots to criminalize everyone they stop. It is clear in this video that the one officer walks behind the car so the motorist can not see him taking pictures of his license and paper work.

The NYPD is engaging in pure trickery and can't be trusted as each day wire taps land more and more corrupt cops behind bars as they use their badges to commit crimes while locking up and cataloging the innocent. Is this the real reason why the city is always broke and has no money for schools, fire departments or health clinics ?

Is it because all the money is being diverted to hi-tech ways to record, catalog and track the
population as if we are all terrorist from the staged 9-11 attack on our freedom?

We must stop NYPD which is the most highly funded police department in America from violating our Constitutional rights for the sole purpose of one day adding us to the corporate owned prison population where people are transformed into 3rd world slaves that work for next to nothing in prison factories.

What you have just witnessed in this video is illegal and a violation of this motorist 4th amendment, that is why NYPD has never publicly announced that they are now taking your picture when they stop you.

Stand up to this technological tyranny as the police department tries to incarcerate the entire population after the government allowed jobs to be sent over seas and gave away tax payer money to banks, failed green companies and has invested in billion dollar population surveillance programs.

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