October 25, 2011

8 NYPD cops ... 1 Loud Muffler !!!

A car with 3 young males is stopped by an NYPD van for playing loud music and having a loud muffler system. The 3 men that happen to be black are surrounded by 8 NYPD police officers as if they had just robbed a bank
at gun point and back up was needed to apprehend them.

During this traffic stop, one of the officers opens the door to the motorist's vehicle as if he could not talk to the motorist through the open window, his true intention was to open door and hopefully see something that might lead to an arrest. This is a everyday occurrence in the Bronx which has the highest
rate of unemployment and poverty in New York City due to it's high minority makeup.

As a result, most of the populace living below the poverty level are continuously preyed upon by the NYPD which relentlessly stop people for any excuse they can think of in hopes of arresting that person and adding them to the ever growing prison population. The poorest people of New York are not protected but hunted down and every possible avenue taken to make an arrest which goes towards the officers monthly quota which insures him or her favorable assignments, sick days, vacations and perhaps after enough arrest and summons....a promotion.

This is all done off the backs of the unfortunate and struggling people of New York which are not eligible for protection, only exploitation and oppression. Bare witness to modern day slavery, how those who can not afford legal defense are hunted down under the cover of darkness to join the booming inmate population where they work for pennies a day. This takes jobs away from those who have went to college or trade school and are still in dept for the education they received.

It is nothing less than terrorism when the people that are supposedly here to protect you go out of their way to fabricating stories and make up any way possible to arrest and incarcerate you. One NYPD cop called the act of arresting innocent black people " frying Niggers " The NYPD is nothing more than a highly funded, well organized gang that does whatever they want and will break any law to achieve their agenda which is the incarceration of the poor and all unpopular races and religions that have been demonized in America and throughout the western world.

It is a huge mistake to allow the NYPD to have a monopoly over the protection of the New York City as they use this false guise to gain the trust of the masses while secretly hunting innocent people to secure their own jobs and aid the corporations and investors that profit from the incarceration of
human beings. Take the money and profit out of incarceration and the prison industry will fall apart over night.

Let's put an end to this covert modern day slavery cloaked in the name of safety and security. The guns come from the ATF and the drugs come from the CIA and we the people are filling jails while the demons that orchestrate this pure evil engorge themselves in our misery and money. May God give the people the eyes to recognize truth when they hear it and see it and know that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering a living hell under this NYPD protection hoax.

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