October 1, 2011

NYPD BUST man's Head wide open !!! ... They call it Good police work.

On the heels of mass protest in Manhattan over police brutality, I come across a group of NYPD cops flinging a man around like a rag doll splitting his head wide open ..... Full story below

After hearing some commotion from across the street I looked over to see a NYPD cop flinging a man around on the sidewalk. As I approached with my camera phone in hand, I moved through a small crowd of onlookers to find a group of cops piled on top of the man they had just forcefully taken down to the ground.

As they begin to lift the man up off the sidewalk a female officer yells at the crowd to move "this is not a show". The officer than began to curse profanity at the people in front of their children as the crowd reacted to blood pouring from the man's head.

The female officer spoke to adults and children as if she were speaking to prison inmates even though no one was interfering with the arrest. I asked one woman what had happened being that I didn't see the initially confrontation and she told me the man was approached by police and when he asked them what happened they flung him into a wall.

Another woman asked me shortly after if I recorded the incident and I told her yes, I than asked her what had happened and she said the police asked the man to move, and when he didn't move immediately he was assaulted by the police. Everyone I had spoke to told me the same thing, that the man had did nothing to warrant the attack.

In conclusion, even though all witness I spoke with said the man did nothing to get his head cracked opened, all the police have to say is they felt threatened or he tried to attack them and they will face no charges.

Welcome to America, the land of the slaves.

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