August 31, 2011

NYPD Protection Deception ... Rookie cops get Patrol Car for meeting summons quota : 3 of 3

2 NYPD rookie cops that have been plaguing my Bronx community with mass ticket writing, Constitutional rights violations and arrest are given a patrol car by their superiors for a job well done. In a borough known for mass poverty and joblessness, these 2 cops had no problem sinking people more into dept by handing them high priced summons or carting them off to jail.

It should be clear to anyone with common sense that the police are not here to keep the defenseless safe but to exploit and extort the struggling population in a crumbling economy and wait for citizens to give into crime to survive. These 2 cops have got to be the lowest of the low as I have never seen such total disregard for people's rights as I have witness at the hands of these 2 NYPD rookie cops.

This video gives credence to the testimonies of police officers Adil Polanco and Adrian Schoolcraft who recorded their superiors pressuring them to write tickets and make arrest if they wanted to keep their jobs and be in good standing. The NYPD are preying on an unarmed population and in this video I catch these 2 cops fabricating a story about smelling weed to violate this man's 4th amendment right that protects him against illegal search and seizure.

The police are almost totally corrupt and only care about themselves . They are robbing, raping and abusing the public for profit and thrills while society is being made to accept servitude and misery as freedom and liberty.

Wake up New York and America, we are living in dangerous times and it is the so-called goods guys that you have to be worried about.

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