August 11, 2011

Concrete Mattress ... The cozy sidewalks of New York Ft. Alicia Keys/ Nycresistance

This is the real New York, no bright lights or opportunity for those struggling to survive on the streets. I do not judge prosperity by those among us that are doing well but those among us that are struggling to exist. We must all realize that hard times can fall on anyone of us at anytime. We would not want to be judged by others when we are down, so why judge others.

Sometimes you may try your very best but nothing seems to work and you begin to feel like you are just unlucky or doomed to's not you. The system we live under is designed to divide and destroy us incrementally until only a few are left with everything.

Let's wake up to this vain and selfish way of life we have been programmed to accept and get back to the days when we cared about one another. If one of us has fallen, it is our duty to help them up and put them back on their feet so they can help another. Materialism and greed never make a person happy, helping each other and loving each other makes you feel great... and most importantly human.

We are all special and we all have something to offer humanity. Never let anyone tell you you can't doing anything, they are your enemy. You have all the power you will ever want or need at this very moment.. don't hesitate to use it.

Humanity needs your contribution right now because things are getting worse with each day. You may not be rich or maybe you are, but only the contributions you make to humanity in life will be remembered forever.

Unlock you potential now and don't let anything stop you from being the ultimate you, a you with no restrictions or boundaries . Do your part because we are all in this together and need each others support and love. Nycresistance "Humanity Forever"

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