August 31, 2011

NYPD Protection Deception ... 2 Men arrested for 1 pocket Knife : 2 of 3

2 NYPD Rookie cops ambush a motorist at a red light on the corner of White Plains and Boston Road in the Bronx and than arrest both the driver and passenger for one small pocket knife. To add insult to injury another 2 rookie cops show up and look to meet their quotas by writing tickets for window tinted windows. With all the money that NYPD generates with tickets and arrest, Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to close down fire houses and schools and every other facility and center the the poor and middle class depend on to survive.

The NYPD are no different than the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler as they are ordered to arrest and ticket at will or there will be HELL to pay. The police are always hostile towards the public they claim to be protecting and serving just like the so-called police that served past tyrants and dictators.

It is all about money and enslaving the population, we are all under attacked by the highest funding police department in America that is using every form of intelligence, legislation and technology to arrest and incarcerate the American people.

Wake up my friends, if we don't put a stop to this protection hoax now ... all of our children will be born into bondage believing it to be Patriotism and Freedom.

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