August 16, 2011

Ever wonder why they call cops pigs ?

Crooked NYPD cops from Long Island stop a motorist and search him and every square inch of his vehicle looking for a reason to turn him into a modern day slave. Each day I watch as the police violate the 4th amendment of every poor and middle class citizens they come across in hopes of making an arrest.

If the police obeyed the law and the Constitution they would make far less arrest which means the prison industry would have empty cells which is not good for their bottom line. This is all about converting people into slaves where they work for corporations owned factories that are built right prisons such as Unicor that pays inmates less than a dollar a hour to do work that would normally pay $20.00 a hour plus benefits to a person that is not incarcerated .

You are witnessing how modern day slavery is carried out under the false guise of safety and security. The police have one purpose and one purpose only here in New York, and that is to enslave the population in debt and servitude in the name of the law.

The government has allowed corporations to move their business's over seas along with all the jobs while our troops are in Afghanistan guarding and growing the opium that is being flown into the U.S. making addicts and drug dealer out of desperate Americans struggling to survive.

Wake up before you find yourself having to prove to a group of cops from Long Island that your car really is your car.

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