July 1, 2011

NYPD gives young bicycle riders summons to appear in criminal court ... Police oppression now in HD

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As schools close for summer recess and the youth look for ways to occupy their time in the after math of massive cuts to everything courtesy of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ... The NYPD accelerate their summons and ticket writing campaign to ensure they don't feel the effects of the recession we are now in.

On this particular night I come across a NYPD cruiser that has driven into oncoming traffic to issue a group of young men summons for riding their bicycles on the side walk. The young men stated to me that they were called out of a nearby parking lot they were in by police that didn't even bother to get out of their vehicle to issue them the summons.

This constant targeting of young men in New York ensures that the criminal court house lines will always be wrapped around the corner as they are each morning to fuel the ever growing prison industry or provide free slave labor called community service. In these grave times of economic hardship the middle class and poor are offered summons, forcible pat downs and arrest instead of jobs people desperately need to support themselves and families.

I have watched as the citizens of New York have been reduced to nothing more than cattle that can be herded into court houses where they are told how much they have to pay to be forgiven for breaking the law. Will this every change or has NYPD's image of false image of good overridden the fact that they are funneling more people into the criminal justice system than ever before.

For now we can only hope and dream that one day we the people can enjoy the same no intrusive life that the wealthy enjoy in their upscale neighborhoods where they are greeted by police with smiles and tipping of hats.

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