June 11, 2011

NYPD cop caught helping fellow cop meet his quota !

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/YDrA42fmrxs195572efd4b690da06eceb4cf1b228cd.htm">LinkedTube</a>

A NYPD cop yells across a busy Bronx side walk to a fellow cop asking him if he wants to write a cell phone ticket. Blatantly helping another officer to meet his summons quota at the expense of a citizen who also has his 4th amendment right violated on a busy public street.

NYPD cops are being pressure by their superiors to write summons and make arrest and as a result many poor and middle class citizens are being plunged into further dept and poverty. All that seems to matter to the NYPD is keeping the court house lines long with fresh finacial victims streaming in until closing.

NYPD protection has now turned into full blown oppression and many residents of this Bronx neighborhood were visibly and vocally upset and outraged with the constant harassment and ticketing of local residents that live, work and go to school in the area.

I am calling all Americans to unite and let NYPD know " we are not your stimulus package or bailout" ... we will no longer be the fuel for you institute of abuse and corruption. This ends NOW !!

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Anonymous said...

you've got heart. put this shit up on wikileaks