July 16, 2011

Quota driven police force may cost motorist their LIVES ! ... Part 2 of 2

On the corner of White Plains Road and Gun Hill Road in the Bronx where I was almost shot by a Rookie cop, I return to find that it is now common practice for rookie police to approach vehicles with their hand on their gun afraid of the people they stop for minor traffic infractions. This takes place as a NYPD captain circles the block in his squad car overseeing the rookie cops assigned to this corner.

With a quota driven system that forces cops to meet summonses and arrest numbers, I fear that unarmed motorist will be shot by inexperienced rookie cops that are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. These constant interactions between people and police are a recipe for disaster and will cause far more harm than good as nervous cops with guns converge on cars that approach this intersection after dark.

End this practice now NYPD as your greed for money and power will cost people their lives and destroy families in the process. The cops are poorly trained as they are being trained to see anyone not in a uniform as a potential threat that may require deadly force on sight . This is no mindset to have when you are charged to protect and serve the people of New York.

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