July 26, 2011

Terrorism in the name of safety ... Is anyone safe from the NYPD ?

NYPD cops are stopping and searching just about anyone these days to rack up arrest to meet their quotas and keep citizens streaming into court houses city wide. It is hard to grasp that the majority of people that live in America can mistake this atmosphere of police oppression as a free society when every effort is being made to ticket or arrest them with new weekly laws in the name of safety and security.

I have never seen anyone die from swine flu or a terrorist attack, but I do see poor people that are out of work being hunted on a daily basis by the NYPD. The police in New York talk too and treat people like human scum that should be dead or in jail. The police department is the biggest scam ever as in reality they could care less about people's safety. Arrest and summonses are the prime objectives of the NYPD, and they get them one way or another.

Never since the days of Hitler has a society been so conditioned to accept tyranny and oppression as the American people are today. The police have been mentally conditioned to see citizens as potential criminals or terrorist and are ready to kill them without a moments pause.

This is what befalls any society that put's their safety and security into the hands of any organization with unlimited resources and funding. This is what happens when a government controlled by corporations controls the majority of information people can receive. The greatest nation in the world is on the brink of bankruptcy and it's people steadily streaming into prisons that are being built as I write this.

My only regret is that I hadn't started my quest to wake people up sooner, and that I only have one life to give so future generations won't have to grow up in misery and servitude in the mist of growing poverty, staged terror and new wars in the name of peace and freedom.

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