October 29, 2013

BUSTED : NYPD Cops Caught violating the Rights of Black and Latino Citizens !

 On this night I come across two members of the racist criminal crime syndicate known as the NYPD who have just ambushed a vehicle containing three young minority men on a quite Bronx street. As usually the marauders make up an excuse to search the young men and their vehicle violating their rights in hopes of finding something illegal so they can make an arrest to go towards their illegal monthly quota.

The NYPD has not stopped or slowed down their illegal Stop and Frisk program that primarily targets black and brown men and young boys because it is far to lucrative for them to quit and so they now follow victims to quite streets where there are little to no witnesses. It is here they have their way with innocent citizens and ignore the constitution with little risk of being brought to justice for crimes against the innocent.

The NYPD has been almost completely taken over by ruthless bands of lawless criminals that will do anything to increase their pay even if it means taking innocent people to jail. The only way to stop these deceptive roving pirates is for we the people to first come together and admit that we have been deceived by these lawless brutes who have promised us safety and security but instead deal out terror and rampant extortion !

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