November 16, 2013

The Police are Criminals and the Innocent are their Prey !

The criminal crime syndicate known as the NYPD is back out in force violating the rights of every young man of color they see in hopes of meeting arrest quotas to keep corporate owned prisons filled to capacity.

This criminal cabal uses propaganda to generate fear in order to get the general public to support their illegal programs that primarily targets blacks and Latinos males for incarceration and ultimately extermination as previously used by Adolf Hitler in a failed attempt to eliminate the Jewish population.

It is my opinion that the so-called justice system of America will not halt this program which is designed to destroy minority families by eliminating their men.

 I have seen enough abuse and terrorism carried out by the NYPD to realize there is no reasoning with this racist regime ... they want us dead but not before they steal billions in tax payer dollars and gain total power and control over the lives of all Americans and possibly the entire world if left unchallenged !

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