May 9, 2012

Police Stop and Frisk rap artist St.Laz Again !

2 undercover NYPD officers stop and frisk rap artist St.Laz as he left a relative's building with his friend and music partner Opium. When they asked the officers the reason for the stop the officers became very hostile and belligerent towards them. A uniformed officer that wrote down their personal information and address gave a vague reason to why they had been stopped, frisked and their information taken down.

The uniformed officer said they had a "job" there but gave no exact reason for stopping the young men such as having a description a victim may have given to the 911 operator. Former Governor David Patterson passed a law that outlawed police taking the personal information of people that are not arrested, but in this video you can clearly hear the officer ask one of the young men for his address in direct violation of this law.

We have a serious problem with the NYPD hunting minority men and the poor on a daily basis and looking for and in some cases creating reasons to add them to the prison industrial complex.

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Anonymous said...

u should get footage of the police harassing the kids in school zones.... for instance ... JFK HS... Keep it up, am an admirer.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the cops don't shoot you in your useless head.
The world would be a better place.
BTW, nice of you to ask for money.
Stupid motherfucker.