May 4, 2012

NYPD Terrorist caught on Tape !!! ... Part 1 of 2

In this video I document the lawless activities of 4 undercover NYPD officers as they pull over multiply vehicles desperately trying to meet their arrest quotas and increase the prison population. The most disturbing part of this is that the police officers deliberately bent their license plate so no one can report them terrorizing motorist in this Bronx neighborhood.

This is a clear example of how minorities and the poor are hunted down daily by the very organization that claims to be here to protect and serve them. This is a regular practice by undercover NYPD officers that must keep their arrest numbers high in order to keep their positions and avoid going back to being micro-managed uniformed officers that must write 25 summonses and make 1 arrest minimum every month.

NYPD top brass is well aware of this practice and encourages officers to make arrest by any means necessary employing Stop & Frisk, Safe Hall and Safe Taxis as excuses to violate the rights of the people they stop in the name of safety and security. Once an officer confronts a citizen they must identify themselves by displaying their badge, but to avoid being reported or sued they leave their badges in their shirts to avoid being reported by the people they violate.

The NYPD is engaging in crimes against citizens and plunging people into poverty, depression and prison ... this must end NOW !

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