May 29, 2012

Beware : It's NYPD Hunting Season !

The end of the school year spells the opening of hunting season for the NYPD and they are wasting no time in rounding up young men to fill corporate owned prisons. If you have broken no law, the best thing you can do is hand over your paper work and shut your mouth. NYPD officers have a monthly quota and every question they ask you is to help them meet their ticket and arrest quota.

Police look for any excuse to haul young men off to jail because according to whistle blower NYPD officer Adil Polanco, their job is not to protect and serve but to write tickets and make arrest for their monthly quota. I would have not even posted this video had the officers made an immediate arrest, but the prolonged questioning seemed very suspicious to me as I myself have been bombarded with a slew of irreverent question on multiple occasions by wide eyed cops desperate to make an arrest.

When I am stopped now by police all they get from me is a hello and my paper work, nothing more nothing less because now I know why they try to laugh and joke with people as they try to ensnare them with casual chit chat and questioning. With a predatory police force masquerading as our saviors it is no wonder we have 7.1 million people in jail or under correctional supervision. Our tax dollars are going towards our own enslavement and eventually our deaths, wake up and take action or you and your children have no future !

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