March 29, 2012

NYPD using " Clean Halls Program " to expand their Stop and Frisk Program to fill Prisons !

Civil rights advocacy groups filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the New York City Police Department over a controversial program that allows officers to patrol private apartment buildings.

The suit, submitted by the New York Civil Liberties Union, Latino Justice Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, as well as lawyers with the Bronx Defenders, allege the department's "Clean Halls" program has violated the constitutional rights of thousands of New Yorkers, especially in minority groups.

They say 94 percent of people arrested under the program are black or Latino.

The group says tenants and their guests in "Clean Halls" buildings across the city fear frequent and unwarranted stop-and-frisk arrests.

They say some tenants are afraid to leave their apartments just to get their mail, take out the trash or go to the store without having ID on them.

NYPD is using their Clean Halls Program to go into private buildings and basically expand their Stop and Frisk program from off the streets and into your buildings. The NYPD are a bunch of deceptive criminals that will use any excuse to violate the Constitutional rights of people to get them into criminal courts to either pay tickets or do Prison time at the expense of tax payers.

The NYPD does the same thing with their taxi program in which they claim to be keeping cab drivers safe when they pull of taxi cabs and remove the passengers even after the driver tells them he is fine. The NYPD operate exactly like the government, promising you they are doing their best to help while working to destroy you financially and psychologically.

They are con artist that don't give a dam about your safety, they just want you in the courts paying them your money to be left alone until they stop you again. We are being preyed upon by armed criminals that have disarmed us so they can have their way with us. Everyone should invoke their second amendment right to bare arms and obtain a registered firearm to protect themselves.

We are all being extorted and bullied by the NYPD and their hoax of safety and security that is costing some of us our lives. It is all a scam so they can put their hands on you and your family while looking to make the Criminal Justice System and the corporate owned prisons money off your misery.

Wake up to these criminals and get a legal gun and protect yourself, a disarmed population is just begging to be enslaved and the NYPD is more than willing to do the enslaving.

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