April 2, 2012

7.1 Million Americans are in the Prisons system so Corporations can Profit from your Tax money !

America which is know as the freest country in the world has incarcerated more of it's citizens than the rest of the world combined. 7.1 million Americans are either in prison, on probation or under correctional supervision. The numbers continue to climb each year as more prisons are built nationwide. News journalist Fareed Zakaria from CNN goes in depth to show viewers how much the American government as well as private corporations spend building prisons apposed to schools.

He goes on to say that our elected officials have been bought out by lobbyist. They want the politicians to pave the way for more prisons by passing more laws of enslavement to insure a steady flow of inmates. America has entered into a hell like period where people are worth more in prison than free and working as all our jobs or shipped to China as America is being de-industrialized and destroyed by design.

Government staged terror attacks are giving them the excuse to spy on Americans and destroy the Constitution which protects our freedom. An open air prison is being built around the population in the name of safety and security and the majority of people believe the government wants to protect them from terror which is government sponsored.

It appears things will have to get much worse before people realize the U.S. government has been high-jacked by International Bankers that own the government and and control the military. They seek to destroy America by passing laws that will turn this country into a tyrannical police state where every human activity monitored, taxed and eventually outlawed for any excuse they can dream up.

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