March 22, 2012

We are the Hunted ! ... Stop and Frisk still going strong

The NYPD are back hunting innocent youths to fill corporate owned prisons in the name of keeping people safe. Officers, courts and corporations profit from prisons being filled to capacity at the expense of tax payers. The CIA and the government ship in the guns and drugs as they collapse the economy and keep gas prices high to force the population into a life of crime out of desperation to survive.

The NYPD primarily targets young minority males and people that live in a poor neighborhoods, but eventually they will hunt down everyone as citizens are financially destroyed by this power hungry predatory system of greed. The NYPD is a criminal organization that uses deception to fool the public into believing that they are here to keep people safe when in fact they are only interested in exploiting the population by herding them into courts and prisons.

Wake up America, NYPD is highest funded police department that uses fear and intimidation to terrorize the public into giving up their rights. Fake terror alerts and media propaganda are used to get federal grants and funding to enslave the American people in a technological grid of cameras, license plate readers and A.I super computers that track our every movement while the real criminals move around cloaked in secrecy.

The rights violations you see in my videos where minorities are constantly targeted by the police for incarceration will soon be coming to your neighborhood if you don't sound the alarm now. Look to your 2nd amendment for the safety and security of you and your family, not to the government or police that see you as useless expendable cattle that is better of in jail or dead.

We have no future if we allow these power hungry control freaks to build this tyrannical police state prison around us in the name of bogus safety and security. Terrorism is all one big hoax to control, enslave and eventually kill those of us that the self elected rulers have no use for. You have all been warned, you decide whether it will be FEMA camps or Freedom .

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