January 18, 2012

NYPD employing X-Ray devices for Virtual Stop and Frisk violating the 4th Amendment

This device will give you and your children cancer and the NYPD will simply deny it and ask you to prove that it was the terahertz detection device that caused you and your family to develop cancer. This is New World Order depopulation naked before our eyes. There is no way that a device can see through your clothes "naturally"without exposing you to harmful wavelengths not naturally found in nature.

Raymond Kelly claims he has been working with the Department of defense on a new device called The Terahertz Imaging Detector to detect guns and bombs that people walking down the street might be carrying. He says this device will greatly reduce the numbers of stop and frisk the police conduct each year.

I say this device will irradiate people sterilizing them and cause cancer rates to sky rocket. This demonic police commissioner is using this radiation spewing device as an alternative to his illegal Stop and Frisk policy. Human beings do not emanate terahertz so why would they claim this device only detects megahertz wave given off from human "naturally".

This is a very dangerous device that will destroy human DNA and cause health problems in all who are exposed to the scans. Just ask any 9-11 first responder if you can trust when the government tells you something is safe, they were told toxic dust was safe to breath and to remove their mask while they dug for bodies. They are all now dead or dying with the government refuses to help them or pay their medical bills 10 years later.

Say no to this mini nuclear reactor that Commission Raymond Kelly is trying to irradiate New Yorkers with in the name of safety and security. This is nothing more than a sterilization and depopulation scheme being carried out by the NYPD under the direct order of Raymond Kelly.

Don't be forced to by your child a Cancer Barbie as you watch your children die from cancer because Raymond Kelly told you they can see through your clothes without using radiation. What would happen if we asked Bloomberg or Kelly to stand in front of this device for a few hours everyday for a 2 week period....Do you think either one would do it, of-coarse not. Don't let this criminals kill you and your family with a smaller version of the devices the TSA uses at the airports.

Don't let them kill you and your family in the name of safety and security and than when you are dying they deny they cause it.

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