January 14, 2012

1st Stop and Frisk of 2012

The incarceration of young minority and poor New Yorkers is far to profitable for the NYPD to abandon their Stop and Frisk program. The 4th amendment which is suppose to protect citizens against illegal search and seizure is ignored by the NYPD so they can keep prison cells filled and court house lines wrapped around the corner each morning.

The NYPD is the highest funded police department in the world and they keep demanding more and more tax payer dollars to fight the crime that they are creating by going after poor people with expensive tickets and summons they can not afford to pay.The NYPD has been proven themselves time and time again to be thieves, rapist, drug dealer, gun runners, pimps, murderers, and ruthless thugs.

There is no crime that NYPD officers have not been caught engaging in but they demand money and compliance from a population that has been stripped of their Constitutional rights. Without the right to bare arms and protects one's self and family, the people are now dependent on the police that are extorting them through intimidation and brute force. For decades blacks and Latinos have been the primary victims of the NYPD's incarceration scheme, but now when the economy has totally begun to collapse ... everyone has become fair game.

The money they extract from the poor is used to buy more cameras, license plate readers, high powered weapons, build fusion centers and detention camps while mentally militarizing the police against the People. This is just the beginning as poverty stricken neighborhoods are bombarded with traffic tickets, summons and men kidnapped and held in jail until ransom or bail can be paid.

All this in the height of an economic depression is guaranteed to reach a boiling point. Society has become a powder keg waiting to blow and NYPD is ready and waiting with plastic handcuffs and detention centers to jail all those that break down under this extreme totalitarian oppression.

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