January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King died so we could Live ... Lionel speaks about REAL sacrifice.

This is why we should not allow our freedom and rights to be stripped from us in the name of bogus protection. Good men and woman have given their lives so we could all enjoy liberty and freedom and for us to simply give it away to power hungry control freaks is a slap in the face to them and a sin.

I am not going to let NYPD stop and search me or innocent people so they can make make money for the prison industry and train the population to be slaves. These extortionist should be seen for what the really are and fought back too the gates of hell from which they sprung. We are living under modern day slavery and the enemy uses lies to demonize the people they want to oppress and destroy just like in the days of Martin Luther King.

You'll have to kill me too because it's Liberty or Death. I will see to it that the top brass of NYPD are all brought to Justice whether it be divine or cosmic judgement for the crimes they have committed against humanity. This is not freedom and these are not the conditions that human beings were meant to live under, nor will they.

You have earned your destruction, so enjoy your false power and material possessions for the short time you have left. Humanity has suffered long enough under your wicked rule and demands retribution, and demands it in FULL !

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