July 27, 2012

NYPD cop body slams teen for responding to sexual stimulus !!!

Teen jumps to his toes when a NYPD cop revisits his genital area for the second time while groping his buttocks. The teen never removes his hands from the walls and does not attempt to run but is thrown to the ground twice. The teen is heard telling the officer that he touched his butt causing him to jump but that did not stop the officer from hauling him off to jail.

The clumsy NYPD cop drops his badge on the ground as onlookers record and ask him his name and command which he never gives to them. Citizens are now recording the all police interactions as the NYPD has now recognized as a criminal organization that preys on citizens, especially young men of color as shown.

 The police have proven time and time again that they are not here to protect and serve citizens or their children.  This is the fate that befalls any unarmed population and the main reason why free people should never give up their right to bear arms.


Charles J.Brown said...

Cops are out there every day,putting their lives on the line and having to deal with animals who have no morals or values.Then they have to deal with assholes like you who record video and scrutinize their every move.Cops are targeting blacks and Hispanics for stop and frisk,because statisticly,they are the ethnic groups committing the majority of crimes.I am sure this officer had good reason to do what he was doing,but you probably left that part out.Cops are constantly having to deal with POS assholes who show no respect and have the morals of an animal.Power to the NYPD for serving and protecting us from the animals that are on the streets.Show some respect for authority,because when one of your "homeys"is robbing and beating your ass for your cell phone,you'll be calling them to save your ass!

Anonymous said...

No doubt this lapdog Charles is a part of the Nazi takeover of Amerikkka. A terrorist and tyrant who represents white supremacy worldwide. NYPD is a rogue force, and an extension of the NWO showing us only the tip of the iceberg of what is coming.

Anonymous said...

NYPD is More like risking the lives of their victims.