July 14, 2012

NYPD Cop arrested for trading stolen guns for Drugs !!!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly have been trying to justify Stop & Frisk by claiming it gets illegal guns purchased out of state off the streets. They have also been feverishly trying to get Congress to pass stricter gun laws that would make it almost impossible for American citizens to purchase firearms to defend themselves.

Bloomberg and Kelly are going to have to find another way to justify Constitutional rights violations under their Stop and Frisk policy and a blatant attack on the 2nd amendment by continually calling for new gun laws in the wake of this NYPD officer's arrest. There is no telling how many guns Officer Mina sold to criminals over his 6 years as a corrupt NYPD police cop or how many injuries or murders those guns are linked to.

We can not trust a Mayor and a Police commissioner that are only interested in mass ticketing and arrest to generate revenue most of which are obtained as a result of 4th amendment right violations. I highly doubt we will not get an immediate press conference from Kelly and Bloomberg as they often give when a cop is shot because it does not serve their gun control / gun ban agenda.

They are only interested in publicizing shootings when it serves to help them in getting new laws passed that restrict the Constitution. Now that we have discovered the source of  these illegal guns let's see how long it takes this usurping Mayor and his lackey Kelly to give statements to the press.

I urge all Americans not to give up their liberty and freedom granted them by the United States Constitution, any who try to alter it are tyrants that wish to enslave you.

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