June 20, 2012

Please consider donating today.

Greeting ;

I began recording and documenting NYPD Stop & Frisk here in New York back in 2008
 when I got fed up of being constantly stopped by police and having my rights violated so police could meet their quotas. Not only were these encounters humiliating, but at times outright frightening on some occasions where I was threatened with arrest and force. I soon realized that it wasn't just me that was so terribly unlucky, but other young men as well.

Personal encounters coupled with observing others being targeted by police compelled me to create the Nycresistance Youtube channel. There I upload the footage I record to expose this unconstitutional and discriminatory acts carried out NYPD cops under orders.

If you are in the financial position to donate then please do so, the current economic climate we now face has greatly diminished my ability to be out in the streets holding the police accountable and so I am asking you for your help in supply me with the tools and equipment I need to reach my full potential in my non-violent information war.

Feel free to visit my Youtube channel and watch the videos I have posted to expose the rampant corruption within the NYPD. Your contribution will live forever through the videos I produce and the minds we awake.

                                                            Thank you for your support and God Bless: Nycresistance

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