June 11, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg tries to get Black Church to support Stop and Frisk !

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reading from his prepared speech tells the congregation of a Brownsville Brooklyn Church that stop and frisk is for their own good. Mayor Bloomberg goes on to say that people are not getting stopped because of their race but because crime is high in their neighborhoods.

The thing that make Bloomberg's altruistic claim hard to believe is that multiply citizens and former NYPD police officers have come forward to say that when they tried to file crime reports consisting of violent attacks and robberies, they were either ignored, persuaded not to report the incident or the offense was downgraded to make crime appear to be lower than it really is in certain neighborhoods .. mainly non-minority areas.

This way certain neighborhoods would not be subject to the Stop and Frisk policy that is mainly enforced in minority neighborhoods with blacks and Latinos making up more than 85% of people stopped and frisked by police.

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