April 3, 2015

Slavery is now a Science ! ... A must Watch !

Talking with Dave about our personal experiences as black men living in America and how racist Europeans undermine and sabotage the progress of black people while simultaneously blaming us for not being able to succeed in their oppressive society.


lloyd is pro tanner said...

Dear Mr.Nycresistance I think that what you fail to realize is that was the mentality of the time that earlier generation (the one who currently controls everything), sadly it was f**k the n*****s. It doesn't mater that there European or whatever. It's not the continents fault. It just happens that the people who our in control of our corrupt system happen to be euro-american (not sure if the term is meant to be racist slur). And now with all this technology, what has always been around is being exposed and cultivated by these media outlets. But the point is not all white people are racist. Thats what you make it seem like in your videos, I agree with you and I'm white but I think you don't get it, that it's a CLASS issue. I am a rich, privileged white young man and they treat me the same because of my looks and the way I act. In other words "I've been violated by the NYPD to bro relax." Not all white people are racist, some of them are, true, but not all of them. In fact some white people are just as upset about racism as you are. That stuff pisses me off and me and my friends have no tolerance for it. But I also have a question to ask you. I recently moved to the rockaway and I am struggling to find a job, is there any way you could help me out and get me like a number or go to a place. I am a 19 year old male who just recently got out of a reform school from upstate new york. At this school I had various responsibilities including cleaning and maintaining the residences over there. I worked in a commercial kitchen as a line server and dish washer, I worked extremely hard in vocational groups; pulling stumps, laying stone, digging ditches, and cleaning and maintaing a large commercial type area. I really need a job to put my time in, I was recommended during shop class to go into a carpentry apprenticeship. I am a very hard worker.
Thanks if you didn't read this

Anonymous said...

I understand your perspective Nycressistance

The complication with 'CLASS' as you put it @lloyd is pro tanner is that black people stereotyped are predominantly looked as lower class. Especially if you dress in anyway that does not conform or seems to show of relation to the 'criminal image'

For instance I can be walking down the road with a white friend (who is very small and not provoking in anyway) in the night and a white person coming towards us might cross the road if they see me while I am fairly tall and might appear threatening. My friend wont notice it happened but I see clear as day that the white person was worried we could cause trouble.
The argument my white friend then faces is the failure to realise the racism existed even though he is friends with me a black person. And so the the ignorance of subject matter becomes a gesture of racism in itself.
To then argue that there was no racism involved in that scene fails to recognise white privilege in confusion with 'Class'

lloyd is pro tanner said...

some black people encourage and often use to their advantage, that white people are often scared of them for no reason. brainwashing through the entertainment industry has led to false persepectives and wrong stereotypes. poor people arent trying to kill, theyre trying to eat, everybodies hungry. then you get these newer generation of kids who just wild out and sort of fit that perspective. im not saying its their fault, but the system is broken for everybody. i can name countless times in my life when i went to do something the "right" or "socially correct" or "legal" way to do something and it has caused problems and struggles and i was told to gl back and do it again. i honestly dont think race matters because its people as a whole who are fucked up, and it just so happens that the people who are fucked up and run our fucked up system are white. there is more to it tho definetly