April 29, 2013

Don't confuse Safety with Slavery ! ... Part 2 of 2

The NYPD is criminal quota driven organization which has convinced the population of New York City that their 2nd amendment is obsolete so they can use intimidation and brute force to obtain money and power.

 The NYPD sends rookie officers into minority neighborhoods and instructs them to violate the rights of young black men essential using them to finish off their training. These unwilling participates who are often terrorized and traumatized during these encounters are more likely to turn to a life of crime due to repeated police abuse.

If anyone tells you that slavery was a long time ago and that you should remember the holocaust and 9/11 instead, tell them to go fuck themselves and then direct them to my Youtube channel to be properly educated. Thank You

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Diana said...

Thanks so much for this blog and You Tube channel.

Together we can put an end to this tyranny.