November 12, 2012

NYPD Cops making Deals at the Gas Station !!!

At a BP (British Petroleum) gas station in Queens I noticed a group of NYPD cops had organized a scheme to allow fellow conspirators to bypass a 4 hour wait to buy gas during an artificial fuel shortage. I observed one officer use his flash light to signal waiting cars across the street to pull in as he looked around to see if anyone was on to him.

Little did these "officers of the law" know that nothing escapes the watchful eyes of Nycresistance ... absolutely NOTHING !


KP Ryan said...

A terrific video that should be featured in classrooms everywhere (though of course we all know it won't be, as classrooms are where the young are taught their place in the system... wait your turn, stand in line, don't rock the boat, etc).

I've been a fan of your youtube channel for a couple of years now, NYCResistance. Though I live in the wilds of Oregon I still witness police brutality of citizens in this state (funny though, it NEVER happens against another cop, another govt employee, or a wealthy member of the community... strange, isn't it? One would think the odds would rule but I guess not...)

I esp. liked your take that this is a beta test in NYC. Totally agree. Some say the storm was Haarp induced and perhaps it was, but even if it was totally nature, the sickos who really run things NEVER miss an opportunity to fuck with the populace. The rulers LOVE science and brain function and psychology and love to see just how far they can push a man or a group.

It is so unfortunate that with the phony 9/11 attack, more Americans are cowed than ever. But even for those of us who can still see reality direct resistance is seemingly futile. Just look at one of these cops wrong and suddenly you are assaulted, beat, and injured. Then jailed and charged with the crime They commited on You.

Therefore I think the work you are doing is about all that can be done. I write on occasion and hope to wake people thru words. Your video no doubt works to wake others. I pray we can create enough of a groundswell that we have non-violent options available.

Most people though...

Anyway, want you to know I greatly admire your work and wish you the very best.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real???

Anonymous said...

Cops do deals EVERYWHERE. GRAFT is part of their pay package. Rodney King was the tip of the iceberg. Catch them on camera and get to TV! Be. LIONS not sheep. Baaa baaa. No guns, knives, clubs, etc for law abiding but criminals sure use them. Use a gun during a felony and ROT in jail. Legal citizens CAN be armed and allowed to protect themselves.

Tell storm Sandy victims not to PREPARE! Prepare = survive. Trust THEM = die a nasty death. Europe after WW II was a human tragedy. Starvation was common for the poor. Look for MARTIAL LAW so obama can keep power.