September 12, 2012

Police Terrorize 10 year old boy and his brother !

Undercover NYPD officers stop and frisk a 10 year old boy and his brother as they enter their building. The officers rifle through the children's clothing looking for a reason to handcuff and jail them but find nothing in this unconstitutional search. They are forced to return the boy's keys as they scurry off to hunt for other unsuspecting children.

Based upon my own childhood experiences of being stopped and frisk by corrupt quota driven NYPD cops, these 2 children most likely spent the rest of their day pondering why they were treated like criminals by the very people that are supposed to be keeping them safe.

I now know that it is because the NYPD is a predatory and covertly racist organization that primarily targets young men of color including children to both incarcerate and psychological condition them for a life of crime from an early age. This experience will undoubtedly bring negative thoughts into the minds of these 2 young boys that would have never occurred were they not treated like criminals for no reason on this day.

This is how young people are mentally conditioned to chose a life of crime over a productive life as a law abiding citizen. NYPD's discriminatory practice steers youths into what you see manifest itself  on the nightly news ever night, it is the result of constant abuse done in the name of keeping people and children safe.

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