February 27, 2012

Jobs will return when Pigs Fly !

This News reports shows how the jobs of Americans are being outsourced to prison corporations where inmates are paid next to nothing for doing the same work that skilled citizens would normally be doing to support themselves and families. Prisons are really factories that use the cheap labor of inmates to reap profits in addition to what they charge tax payers to house the prisoners.

Charging $800.00 dollars for a sticker that goes on the door of a police car is outright criminal when it cost a few cents to make in corporate owned prisons. I hope this video serves as a wake up call to Americans that are out of work or have been looking to no avail. As long as we have a government that allows big companies like Apple to use Chinese labor to make products that are mostly sold here in America jobs will never return.

Corporations see the incarceration of Americans as too profitable to resist and so they will continue to build prisons and encourage government to pass laws that wage war on the people to fill these prisons. America have falling victim to the greed of the Corporations and the government that sees Americans as nothing more that consumers, expendable resources and slaves.

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