December 3, 2011

Nazi York ... Slavery is Freedom !

No one can deny that 10 years after the staged terror attacks of 9-11 Americans are losing more and more freedom with each passing day. The American people are being made to give up their rights and become a welfare nation totally dependent on government that is responsible for allowing companies to move jobs over seas and run up our dept with ever expanding wars.

There are check points, cameras and secret police everywhere making people think twice and three times before leaving there homes in fear of getting tickets or harassed by police who have been trained to see everyone as criminals or terrorist.The government and police no longer serve the people, but instead they have twisted things so the people must prove to
them they are are not criminals or terrorist.

We here who live in America are being conditioned to accept tyranny as freedom , ignorance as strength and war as peace. The American people have turned their backs on the Constitution and bill of rights and embraced the lies that were used to strip away the protections the founding fathers left in place to prevent tyrants and dictators from
enslaving us.

Behold the Nazi like police state that is sweeping across America in the name of safety and security. If the American people don't wake up now and see that freedom and liberty is something that you never compromise with...but something that should be guarded jealously
until the day you die for the sake of your children. Learn this lesson to late and you and your children will be slaves in your own country and the lives of the men and woman that have died so you could enjoy freedom will have been in vain. _ Nycresistance

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

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Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to see that there's somebody out there that sees exactly what is happening here in NYC. I'd love to contact you and join forces.