December 15, 2010

On this day I decree, humanity will go Free !

Greetings to my friends and the Guillotine to all my enemies. Welcome to my Blog where you can leave your questions and comments and make your voices heard. Feel free to speak on any topic or subject that affects your life when it comes to the ones with power over our lives that seem to be taking more and more from us with each passing day. All I ask is that you leave well thought out educated comments as I will not tolerate any statements I think are intended to willfully mislead people into thinking everything is if you are hear solely to keep people in the dark you are wasting your time because your comment will disappear the moment you hit Enter. So with that, let your voices be heard in this small bit of cyber space where good intelligent people can speak without fear or ridicule and truth and justice reign supreme.

1 comment:

diana said...

I've seen your youtube videos and i'm reporting on stop and frisk violations in the city. Would you mind telling me what police precinct you live in?